Colin and Samir


JANUARY 18th, 2019

5 Things We’ve Learned From The People We’ve Met

We’ve been lucky to meet a lot of people through making videos.

Click the button below to download a list of 5 things we’ve learned from some different creators we’ve met.

October 27th, 2018

Lately we’ve been feeling lost.

We assumed that as we got older, we would understand ourselves better..and life would overwhelm us less.

Right now that’s not the case.

Here’s what we do know:

Time is our most valuable currency.

Money comes and goes…but our time here is finite.

The last thing we want to do is look back on a day, a week, or a year and come to realize that we didn’t spend the time the way we would have liked.

We believe the better you know yourself, the easier it is to envision the life you want — and the happier you’ll be with how you choose to spend your time.

This worksheet helped us find clarity and we hope it helps you too.