Learn How to Book Better Brand Deals in 30 Days

Beginning on 5/17, join us for our 30 day cohort that teaches professional creators how to grow their brand partnerships business.

We'll join you live every week to answer questions about your creator business. You'll also get guided videos and exercises - all directed at helping you build consistent revenue that allows you to focus on what you do best: creating.

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Are you a creator that is struggling with...

Brand Deals

You're working with some brands already, but want to figure out how to get more deals, or larger ones, on a consistent basis.

Building Consistent
Cash Flow

Your revenue varies greatly month-to-month, making it difficult to grow your business and plan for the future.

Confidence in Financial Decision-Making

You’re making money as a creator, but you struggle to know where your business is heading.

By the end of this course
you will:

Develop a clear vision of where your business is heading

You’ll have a repeatable process in place that gives you the confidence to make long-term business decisions.

Have a custom deck that you can use to pitch brands right away

You'll complete and learn how to use a pitch deck that shows why brands should work with you, and how they can easily sponsor.

Understand how to price yourself to create consistent income

You’ll develop a brand deal price that you're comfortable with, and learn how to create long-term brand partnerships that create recurring monthly revenue.

Course Curriculum

Over the 30-day period we’ll bring you through the 4-pillars of your Creator Startup: Audience, Value Prop, Process, and Monetization. Once you have your pitch-deck and the roadmap for your business, we’ll focus on securing deals and building for the long-term.


A pre-course goal-setting exercise will help you set the financial, content, and lifestyle outcomes that you’d like to build with your career as a creator.

Who’s In Your Audience?

In Chapter 1, you’ll learn the fundamentals of the advertising business, the definition of a “High-Quality” Audience, and you’ll segment your audience into 3 unique avatars that will be featured in your pitch deck.

Your Unique Value

In chapter 2, you’ll focus on your “why” and understand what makes your audience come back from video to video. You’ll know why you’re uniquely qualified to work with certain brands and how to communicate that value in your pitch deck.

Process & Pricing Yourself

Chapter 3 is all about making it easier for you to do what you do. First, you'll focus on aligning your creative process with your business goals. Then, you'll create a "menu", which shows a brand exactly how they can work with you and how much it costs.

Getting a Yes From the Brand

In chapter 4, you’ll learn how to use your completed pitch deck to show brands exactly why they should work with you. You’ll learn your role in the pitch process and how to negotiate a contract that makes sense for you.

Long Term Partnerships

In chapter 5, you’ll learn how to navigate working with brands after the contract is signed. We’ll walk through how to create a good integration and how to turn a single brand deal into a long term partnership.
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In This Chapter

We’ll walk you through how a creator startup is different from a traditional startup. Before the course begins, you’ll set goals with our Creator Vision Worksheet. The exercise will help bring you clarity and support you in getting the most out of your 30-day experience with Creator Startup.

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In This Chapter

Across 2 videos you’ll learn about the stages of all Creator Startups and know where you are in your journey. We’ll deep dive into your audience to truly understand who they are, where they hang out, and what matters to them. Hyper-defined audience characteristics will be written out and then broken down into 3 audience segments that you can use during the pitch process with brands.

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In This Chapter

Through 3 videos and 3 exercises, we’ll walk you through how to define the value that you provide to your audience. You’ll complete the first 4 pages of your pitch deck and learn how to talk to brands about your channel and why they should work with you.

Then, we will join you for the first live session with the cohort where we'll talk about how you can communicate your unique value to potential brand partners.

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Your Creative Process

Through 2 videos and 3 exercises, we'll talk about key elements of your creative process that impact your audience growth and revenue potential. We’ll also look at an exercise that we use weekly in our business to pinpoint what needs to be improved in our video making process.

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Your Business Process

Over 4 videos, you’ll complete the final 3 pages of your pitch deck. You’ll learn our formula for pricing yourself, as well as how to alter your pricing as your creator startup grows. Then, you’ll discover the different ways that you can work with brands and how many videos you need to make to reach your revenue goals. We’ll also take you through our Brand Deal Financial Planner Template and show you how to predict revenue and keep track of your partnerships.

We’ll host a live session to cap off Chapter 3 and talk about finalizing your pitch deck. We’ll answer any questions you have about the curriculum up to this point and will help you feel confident about your pricing and your menu.

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In This Chapter

Chapter 4 kicks off with an overview of the pitch process. This is where you’ll figure out what type of creator you are: “Creator Operator” or a “Represented Creator”. You’ll make a list of the brands you’d love to partner with, learn how to reach out to a brand, and what to do if a brand reaches out to you first.

We’ll host a live session to talk about a brands’ motivations for working with you, negotiation levers, the emotions surrounding pitching a high number, and we’ll give you a contract template to use for your partnerships. 

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In This Chapter

The final chapter of Creator Startup begins with a video about the execution phase of the pitch process. We’ll discuss the exact steps of the execution that you need to look out for, and how this part of the process could change depending on if it is “Brand-Led” or “Creator-Led”. We'll also walk through a goal setting exercise to help you stay on track after you leave the cohort.

In our final live session of Creator Startup we'll talk about how to turn a one-off deal into a long-term partnership and answer any questions you have about your creator business so that you feel confident moving forward and pitching brands.

What else you'll get...

8 Live Sessions across 4 weeks

20 Pre-recorded video modules

Creator Startup Digital Workbook

To go along with the video content & live sessions, we’ve created a full workbook for you to be able to apply the information directly to your creator startup.

A ready-to-use brand contract template

Working with our lawyer, we've developed a contract template that you can feel confident using for your brand partnerships.

Our brand deals financial planner

We're giving you access to the custom template we built for our business that we use to plan how many partnerships we can sell, and the rate for each.

An invitation to our Creator Startup Community

Collaborate with like minded professional creators and get feedback as you embark on this new chapter together of building your creator business.
No one knows more about the Creator Economy than Colin and Samir.
neal mohan (CEO of YouTube)

Weekly Live sessions

Mondays @ 9AM PT

Q&A with Colin & Samir

During each week of the course, there will be a live session where you'll get the opportunity for direct feedback from Colin & Samir about your creator business.
Thursdays @ 9AM PT

Community Discussion

Every week, you'll participate in a live community session where you'll get to connect, get feedback from, and network with other creators in the cohort.

Q&A with an Entertainment Lawyer

You'll join a live session with an entertainment lawyer to learn about key terms and deal points that you should be aware of when signing brand deal contracts.

Bonus Content

Creator Startup is focused on helping professional creators build sustainable, scaleable brand deal businesses. While the core learning experience is centered around that goal, we’ve also included two pieces of bonus content for creators to professionalize their businesses.

Our Guide to Storytelling

There are two sides to a creator startup - the business side and the creative side. For you to get opportunities to grow your business, you’ll need to learn how to tell a compelling story - something we’re incredibly passionate about. We’ve crafted this guide that breaks down how to structure a story, develop your characters, and our favorite ways to engage your audience.

The Creator - CEO Spectrum

Creators are like athletes - we all make media, but there’s a huge range of the type of content we make, the lifestyle we prefer, and the needs we have. In this assessment, we’ll help you define where you sit on the Creator - CEO spectrum, so you can learn about how to structure your creator business so that it works for you.

Hear from our first cohort of students

The reviews are rolling in from our first cohort, and CreatorStartup is making a huge impact in these creators’ lives.

I waited so long for Colin and Samir to finally release this 'Brand Course' they had been talking about on their channel and it was absolutely worth the wait. Creator Startup has helped me get way more clarity around what is possible in the world of brand deals and it has given me the tools that I need to achieve those possibilities. Thank you Colin and Samir for all the work and resources you put into this, I appreciate it.


1.5M subscribers

I have taken many online courses, but Creator Startup is my favorite. The course content is concise, polished, and relevant. Courses often throw the kitchen sink at you; determining what is important (if important at all) is a lot of work. Colin and Samir are experts in their field and have a real knack for communicating what really matters. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is either an aspiring creator or is already working in this field.



The Colin and Samir cohort course was amazing! I gained a ton of knowledge in the past 30 days! From brand building to partnerships to talking with their lawyer, agency, and big names in the industry. This was well worth the money I spent! I'm super fortunate enough to be a part of the first ever Colin and Samir course. I can't wait for 002!


74.6k subscribers

An incredible resource for anyone who hasn't quite been able to figure out the landscape for brand deals and sponsorships on YouTube.


2M subscribers

The Creator Startup was a game-changer in leveling up my business not only for myself as a creator but also for many of my clients. So often, creators learn by doing. It was amazing to harness the knowledge Colin and Samir have amassed over their 10 years of experience to accelerate our growth. Thank you to the Colin and Samir team for an amazing experience!

Elizabeth Buffone

Social Strategist

I've already used the pitch deck and am closing my first large deal with a sponsor. This cohort was excellent and engaging!! The price felt a little steep when I signed up and after the first week, with the amount of content provided, I felt it was a steal! It gave me exactly what I needed to feel confident to move ahead as a creator with the basic knowledge to understand this industry.


49k Subscribers

How Creator Startup fits in your creator journey
Are you

An Aspiring Creator

If you have a strong desire to have a career making videos but haven’t yet made the leap to full-time, you’re in a great place. This is exactly where we were in the first year and a half of building our channel. Your job right now is to explore - focus on finding videos that you love to make and figuring out how you can integrate video-making into your lifestyle. When you’ve answered those questions, started to build a community, and get interest from brands, then it’s a great time to join Creator Startup. We’ll walk you through exactly how you can turn that initial brand interest and channel growth into a business that supports your desired lifestyle.

A Professional Creator

If you’ve committed to building a business making videos and you’re finding traction through brand deals, we know that it can be pretty confusing to figure out where to go next. How do you price yourself? How do you make your process more consistent? How do you grow your business long-term? Creator Startup will help you answer these questions and build your business in a sustainable way that ensures it will be a career for many years to come.

A Creator Team Member

If you’re a member of a creator's team, Creator Startup can help you support your company in operationalizing and scaling the brand partnerships business. The course will help you grow revenue and build for long-term success.
We made Creator Startup for our younger selves. Had we known what we know now, back in 2018 we would have had a much easier time turning our love of making videos into a career. We hope to pass along the knowledge to you so you can avoid the years of confusion and asking yourself if you’ll ever make this work.
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This is our


We've packed everything we know about building a creator brand business into this course. If you complete the course and don't think it was worth it - we'll refund you the entire cost of the course.

If we haven't met

Hey, we’re Colin & Samir

We’re YouTube creators and podcasters that break down the latest in the Creator Economy from a creator's perspective. We’ve spent 10+ years making videos together on YouTube. We built and sold our first YouTube channel. We interview the biggest creators on Youtube.

This course is for you if...

  • You have already started making videos on a regular basis
  • You’ve done at least one brand deal before
  • You want to increase the amount of brand deals you get and learn how to increase your rates
  • You want to know the ins and outs of building a creator business
  • You want to build long-term partnerships with brands
This course is not for you if...
  • You haven’t started to make content yet
  • You aren’t ready to create videos on a consistent basis
  • You don’t want to monetize through brand deals
  • You want to know how to go viral on YouTube
  • You can’t commit 30 days to the live cohort
If you’re ready to commit and transform your creator business, join our first cohort.
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Go ahead, write us off.


For business owners like you, Creator Startup is tax deductible. It’s a business expense, so you can deduct 100% of the cost from your taxes.


How is this different from the content that is already on YouTube?

Good question - no matter what content we make, our goal is always to educate and empower creators. On YouTube, we do that through conversations with other creators that can teach and inspire you to go out and create. While we will bring in experts for some interviews, Creator Startup is centered around actionable exercises that you can apply directly to your own business. Unlike our YouTube content, you’ll leave this course with a completed pitch deck and tools to use throughout the growth of your creator journey.

How long is the course?

The course is 5 chapters that consist of 12 videos and 7 live sessions. The course is 30 days, so the curriculum and live sessions are designed to be completed all within that time frame. We know your time is very important, so we’ve worked hard to make sure each video is concise and valuable. We’ve all been in a class where you’re asking yourself, “When are they going to get to the point?” Creator Startup will not be that.

What gear and tools do I need to make use of the course?

All you need is a computer with an internet connection. For the exercises, we do recommend that you have access to a printer so that you can print them out, but we’ll also have each worksheet available digitally.

I don’t think this time frame works for me, will there be another course?

We understand - we want you to be able to take advantage of Creator Startup when you have the time to do so. That being said, we are planning on opening up future cohorts of Creator Startup, but don’t have any concrete plan as to when that will happen. So if you are interested and can find the time, we encourage you to join this cohort.

Do I need a certain amount of subscribers to take the course?

There is no subscriber requirement to take the course, but you do have to be committed to building a creator business. We do recommend that you be in a consistent flow of making videos and that you’ve done at least one brand deal so that you’re ready to implement the curriculum into your own business.

What experience with YouTube do I need to have?

To get the most out of Creator Startup, we recommend that you be in a consistent flow of making videos and that you’ve done at least one brand deal. If you aren’t there yet, you’ll still get a tremendous amount of value from the course, but it will be most impactful at a later point in your career.

What if I can’t attend the live sessions?

While we encourage you to attend as many live sessions as you can to learn the most from the course, we get that you might have other commitments. Each live session will be recorded for you to watch at your own pace. And - before each live session, you’ll be able to submit questions related to the chapter that we’ll try and talk through live for the cohort.

What if I don’t finish the course in 30 days?

No worries - we understand it takes time to do the work required for your creator startup. You’ll have lifetime access to the content, and all recorded live sessions, so feel free to finish at your own pace.