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Routine is Great for Productivity

samir chaudry in portland

On the border of Oregon and Washington, there’s a tiny cottage that overlooks the gorge, That’s where I am right now. To the right of me, there are two horses walking around a green pasture, and to the left - an endless sea of trees. Some green, some red, some orange. My girlfriend Katie and I took a trip up here for a few days and spent most of our time in Portland eating and drinking coffee. If you ever need recommendations on either, I've got you covered. 

Routine is a great tool for productivity. It allows you to become hyper focused on the task or tasks at hand. But in our business, the business of ideas, routine can stifle the creative spark. For the creative mind, it’s the unfamiliar, the new, and the irregular that drive inspiration. I’ve found that one of the best ways to achieve this, is to travel. 

Travel is fuel for inspiration - When you physically go places you’ve never been before, you are able to mentally go places you’ve never been as well. Even if it’s taking a drive to a new part of your city, or walking around streets you’ve never stepped foot on - buy the ticket, take the drive and experience something brand new - Trust me, you’ll be surprised where your mind will take you. 

- Samir