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Colin and Samir's 5 Rules of Internet Filmmaking

Illustrations by  Stefan Kunz

Illustrations by Stefan Kunz

Over the past 6 years we've uploaded thousands of videos to YouTube, but there have been 5 core principles that have guided us. 

1. Tell Your Own Story

It’s the one you have the most access to, and If you want people to hear it -- it starts with you.



2. Create More than You Consume

This is easier said than done, but it’s a mindset -- Take inspiration from what you watch and create more than that in order to find your own style.



3. Capture Moments not Shots

A shot is something you can get all the time. Rolling this paper out is a shot, we could do it a thousand times and not much would change.



But moments are what we want to capture. They happen when you keep the camera rolling and are what make filmmaking great. They happen once and can never be recreated.


4. Always in Production

Know that if you’re creating content for the internet, you’re in this for the long haul. You’ll improve and change over time but you’re never done evolving, and the audience is there to be a part of that. You're a work in progress, always in production and never finished.


5. Film.Edit.Upload.Repeat

This is different than always in production -- it’s about the short term. We say this to remind ourselves that you shouldn’t put too much weight one any one video, because you’re about to do it all over again .and it’s only through repetition that you’ll learn and grow.


I know we said there were 5 rules..but there’s one more we didn’t write out

Content is About Connection

We make videos to connect with others and to make our world feel smaller. We met Stefan through making videos and we couldn’t have made the below video without him. 


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Colin Rosenblum