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Testing a 360 Camera that's Actually Good for Storytelling

We don’t have much experience with 360 Cameras.

We’ve heard people say that the editing is hard and they use the term “stitch”, which sounds really overwhelming. Even as a viewer, 360 video is confusing to watch, we never know where to look or which angle to choose.

But, we saw Casey Neistat’s video about a new 360 camera, the RYLO.

rylo camera review

The thing that sets the RYLO apart from all other 360 cameras is the software. RYLO has a mobile app that allows you to edit the video on your phone and choose which angles the viewer sees. Colin has a friend who works at RYLO so they sent us one to test out.

The best place to test any camera in Los Angeles is the Venice Skatepark. You’re bound to capture something cool in an hours time.


  • Ease of use: The camera only has 2 buttons, one to record and one to change modes - either photo or video. It’s constantly capturing everything so you don’t have to be concerned with “getting the shot”. You just hold the camera out and pick the shot in post.

  • The software: The mobile app allows you to track a subject as well as display the footage in a number of interesting ways. There’s a tiny planet view, 360 view and a few options for picture in picture.

  • Stabilization:  it works well and is great for shoots that involve a lot of motion.


  • Even though app editing is wildly impressive, we’d like a desktop version as that’s where we do the majority of our work. If you just want to export a clip to facebook or instagram, then it’s a great app, but if you want to do some more complex, longer edits, desktop would be a better option.

  • The audio isn’t great. There are 3 mics on the camera, but you can’t choose one mic to record with so you’re constantly picking up rogue sounds.

  • We’d like to see an underwater case, the adventure case is cool, but we feel like this would be a great camera for surfing or cliff jumping - so shipping it with an underwater case feels like it makes sense.

Overall, we were really impressed with the entire experience of the RYLO Camera. It’s no surprise that the founders are from Apple and Instagram. 360 video is hard to produce, so it’s important that the camera is easy to use. It’s shipped with an sd card, partly charged battery, and easy instructions so you’re ready to go upon receiving it. Also, the battery lasted as long as advertised, if not longer, which rarely happens. If one day cell phones have 360 cameras, this will be the software they should all be using, its flawless and fun to use.

Thanks to Rylo for sending the cam, and Keeon for being willing to skate, like...all day.