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The Key to Creative Partnerships

colin rosenblum

As I sit here in our studio with a coffee and look back over the past month, there have been numerous highlights:

1. We flew in a helicopter over New York City (see above photo)
2. Met one of our biggest inspirations in Casey Neistat, and
3. Filmed a bunch of videos for brands like Under Armour and New Balance.  

But the one that stands out the most is that we started a company: Colin and Samir, LLC.  

People often ask why Samir and I work so well together, and I tell them, "We have a shared perspective on what's important in life."  There's a shared desire to live a certain type of life: to move freely, to create constantly, and to compromise minimally when it comes to family.  The relationship we have and the stories we tell is only one half of realizing that shared desire.  The other essential part of this path and of this new company, will be the relationship we have with you, the audience.  Quite simply, artists require an audience that cares. Whether that be via emailer, YouTube video, or Instagram photo -- our growing audience is and will be integral to the success we have moving forward. We have stories to tell and are thankful that there's an audience that cares on the receiving end.