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4 Reasons YouTube will DOMINATE in 2018 and Beyond

YouTube recently launched a new product called "Reels" as an answer to the vertical video offerings from Snapchat and Instagram/Facebook . With the addition of Reels and the Community tab in the past year, YouTube now offers a wildly diverse set of products for both content creation and consumption that we feel makes them prepped to dominate in 2018 and beyond. Here are 4 reason they are prepped to crush their competition:

Reason #1: Their Creators

No one has a relationship with creators and helping them monetize like YouTube does. The Partner Program allows for creators of almost any size to produce the content that they want and produce revenue for themselves. Outside of brand integrations and product endorsements (which YouTube takes no revenue from), they share revenue with their creators by serving ads before and alongside their content. If you look at Instagram, there are ads that play before and after a creators Story, but they are not taking part in any of that ad revenue, all of it goes to Instagram. Once Reels is opened up to all creators, we imagine there will be even more ways to monetize your content with YouTube than there are on Instagram because of YouTube's history of sharing revenue with its creators. 

Reason #2: Search

The number one search platform is Google and the second is YouTube. You'll type anything into that Google search bar, and for that reason Google knows more about you than any other search provider. When they know you better, they can serve you not only better ads but also their products that they know you're more likely to use. 

Reason #3: Diversity of their Products

YouTube now offers everything from linear cable (YouTube TV) to a full on social media app (Reels and Community). Within this spectrum you also have YouTube Red and YouTube Originals. This is a competitor to Netlfix, Hulu, and Amazon Video to name a few. Obviously YouTube is not winning the race here, but they are investing a lot of money and we're likely to see some of their originals hit in the near future. 

Reason #4: YouTube Kids

If you have kids of your own, or have nieces or nephews, you probably know that they love YouTube. Give a two year old an iPad and they can navigate the world of YouTube without any's incredible. Now the difference between a 2 year old on YouTube versus a 2 year old on Netflix is that as they child grows up, Youtube offers them a wide array of products for both media consumption and social media creation that they can use. Netflix remains just a service for passive consumption. Kids are provided the tools they need to become the stars they idolize on YouTube.