Colin and Samir


Colin and Samir are a digital filmmaking and hosting duo based out of downtown Los Angeles. They are award winning documentary content producers who have worked with major brands, personalities, and athletes to bring their ideas to life. They met in 2012 building and eventually selling a digital sports network called The Lacrosse Network (TLN), a popular media destination for the sport of lacrosse. In 2014 TLN ​was acquired by New York-based media company Whistle Sports and both Colin and Samir became employees of the company. During this time they were responsible for executing branded content deals with Nike, Under Armour, Marriott, Gatorade, and General Mills among others. In 2016 they left Whistle Sports to start a media company of their own. Today they’re focused on developing original content and building their brand on YouTube.

colin and Samir

Colin and Samir are award-winning branded content producers and filmmakers based in Downtown Los Angeles.

They met in 2012 during their first project, building and eventually selling a digital sports network

Today they spend their days paying too much for coffee,

making videos for Youtube,

recording their podcast,

selling skateboards

and meeting with creative entrepreneurs.